Nigerian entrepreneurs can now receive a zero collateral loan administered by the Central Bank of Nigeria with just a little training and enthusiasm. Over N95 billion has been disbursed and this is still ongoing, so you should check to see if this loan is right for you. The Agri-business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) […]

BY REGINA AGADA Living in a digitized world has revolutionized the way people shop for items; therefore creating an entirely new shopping experience. Just from the comfort of one’s home, office or while in transit people can shop for an array of products with the aid of a smartphone, digital devices and payment solution services. […]

One shock every person prays not to have is to make and get choked when delivered as it turns out to be not what one initially bargained. Almost every lady has had this experience popularly termed “WHAT I ORDERED VS WHAT I GOT” It’s no doubt that clothes amplify one’s self-confidence; hence, getting it right […]

How to ring in the New Year with better financial health.It is important for everyone to reset their personal finances and their goals for the New Year. Did you make any resolutions concerning your personal finances last January?If so, how did you do? Did you attain your goals or miss the mark? While the days leading up to […]

In general, the overall trend and sentiment of the market are judged based on major indices. It is quite common to witness headlines like “American markets at an all-time high,” or “Asian markets on a surge.” This does not mean that the prices of every stock in the market are increasing or at an all-time […]


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