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One shock every person prays not to have is to make and get choked when delivered as it turns out to be not what one initially bargained.

Almost every lady has had this experience popularly termed “WHAT I ORDERED VS WHAT I GOT”

It’s no doubt that clothes amplify one’s self-confidence; hence, getting it right is crucial. One cannot always predict these outcomes; Hence, we thought to share a few tips that can help you.

Shop with Tested and Trusted Brands
Where you shop plays a vital role in alleviating this course; Such brands are trusted brand that houses reputable sellers of ladies’ products. At such brands, what you see is what you get. You can now wave bye “WHAT I ORDERED VS WHAT I GOT” .

Have a personal Fashion Designer
The what I ordered VS what I got trend is most synonymous with fashion designers; hence we advise you to create a relationship and maintain one whose proven expertise over time.

Always Have An Alternative Mindset To Lessen The Effect of “WHAT I ORDERED VS WHAT I GOT”
Alternatives are your best bet; it helps reduce the frustration that comes with getting something less than your expected and help you bounce back faster without having to lose out entirely.

Request for Picture Variations
Pictures don’t always do justice. However, having multiple images showing different angles might be a good start, especially when shopping for a product online.

In recent times, the “What I Ordered Vs What I Got” trend has improved as designers and all others are stepping up their game to satisfy their customers and get them returning again and again.

Have you ever experienced this? If Yes, we would like to hear your story.


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