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Written by on January 12, 2022

Since its inception, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and the visibility of their products. While advertisement and sponsorship opportunities exist, getting started with Instagram is free and businesses can establish a significant following without spending a dime. If you have not jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet, you may be doing your business a great disservice. Instagram has grown immensely over the years, and it continues to broaden its horizons. The photo-sharing app has gone a long way from once being a favorite for vacationers sharing their holiday pictures to now appealing to all kinds of influencers, advertisers, and brands.

Offering legal services: As a young lawyer you can use your Instagram handle to offer legal services to businesses, by helping them draw out policies for their businesses, assisting with an legalities on Business registration and other issues involving litigation.

Weightloss coach: if you’re a certified nutritionist and weightloss expert Instagram is a very useful platform to sell your services, through posting of testimonials from clients you’ve worked with it can lend credence to your business overall.

Cleaning and errand services: if you offer cleaning services for homes , offices, factories etc as well as run errands for the old or people generally, social media is another great platform to sell your services with various features available which could help you target and reach your clients. The most important is to include your contact information in your bio.

A food blog: being a visual based platform Instagram is a great platform for showing your culinary skills, what ever aspect you choose the platform is a great way to reach people far and wide, however it is important to carve a niche for yourself in a way that makes you stand out, it could be through your table arrangements and set up which makes it easy for people to identify with you once they come across your content.

An Online grocery store: the pandemic really brought life to this business, during lockdown, supermarket chains had to come up with means through which they can reach customers also grocery stores online who stock a lot of foreign brands are harnessing the benefits of this platform daily, from healthy food stores to snack stores, Instagram hosts a lot of them.

Sales of gadgets: well known tech companies are also using this platform to reach customers by advertising new gadgets and including links to their websites which offers in-depth discriptions on the specifications and features of gadgets be that are up for sale, most  times Instagram acts as the first point of contact with intending customers.

Sales of fruit and fresh produce: the likes of So Fresh, Marie’s vegetables,  Purple Lagos etc aren’t left out of the discussion, we live in a digitised and fast paced world which gives people the liberty to shop for whatever they want from the comfort of the homes or offices and fresh produce isn’t left out. You could easily put up a post of the fruits and vegetables available and the specific days you’ll stock up on some fresh produce.

 A Literary blog:  if you’re an avid reader regardless of the genre of literature you enjoy reading, you could use Instagram as a platform to discuss, share book reviews and share news on various writing competitions, however this requires consistency and effort in order to attract the engagement you need to turn this into a business. Posting cover art pictures of upcoming novels and their release date and information is a great way to start.

A fashion and events page: blogging about fashion and events is another great business idea on Instagram, you can decide to pick an aspect you’lllike to focus on, there are lblog pages dedicated to posting only Igbo and Soth Eastern weddings, some for Yoruba weddings some a combination of different cultures, as your engagement and followers increase you can begin to take on adverts from brands. These pages also serve as a library of styles where intending party guests and brides go to for style inspiration, but remember to always give credit to the owner of the pictures.

A beauty blog: Instagram beauty blogs are here to stay, beauty enthusiasts this could be a great avenue to earn an income for yourself by simply posting pictures and videos of glam sessions of make-up artists, product launch by local and international brands, you could also do beauty products reviews as well. You can also blog about hair, showcasing different hairstyles from braids, to ponytails, weaves, haircuts the list is endless, to make your page interesting you can delve into serious conversations such as scams in the hair industry, a remake of a hairstylist gone bad, vox Pop asking your followers how much they can pay for a particular hairstyle, this will generate the engagement you need to get ads and sponsored posts.

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